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Chip_Mate_2013_BPRS.JPGHosted by the Butte Gun Club on June 27 through 30 at the Rocker Gun Range near Butte, Montana, this four day event drew 76 competitors from many states including three shooters from Arizona.   The match was divided into Scoped Black powder cartridge rifles and Iron sighted rifles. Over two hundred people were in attendance to watch!

     Facing East the range gave competitors fits during the early morning relays!   Twitchy wind conditions plagued all but a few shooters.   Despite their home court advantage, long time shooters like Butch Ulsher and gun-writer shooter Mike Venturino did not fare well.

            Three shooters from Arizona, Chip Mate Tucson Rifle Club, Steve Rhoades and Bob De La Torre from Phoenix with the Arizona Sharpshooters made the long drive to Butte to explain that Silhouette started in Arizona!   Arizona shooters rose to the top!  We shoot in wind her too, folks!


    After the dust settled, the threesome from Arizona finished as follows:


Chip Mate*             Iron Sights         MATCH Winner/ State Champion      score- 64 x 80

Bob De La Torre     Iron Sights         3rd place Mstr class                         score- 52 x 80

Bob De La Torre     Scoped Class     1st place Class AA                           score- 56 x 80

Steve Rhoades       Scoped Class     2nd place Class AAA                       score- 56 x 80

 *Chip Mate was Arizona State Black Powder Rifle Champ in 2012!


   All competitors fired the standard forty round silhouette course including ten rounds at each of chickens (offhand) pigs, turkeys, and rams (sitting or prone). All rifles must be vintage pre-1900 era single shot rifles firing cartridges loaded with black powder topped by a lead alloy cast bullet with no gas check allowed.  Scopes must be of an original turn of the century design with straight-tube of 7/8"diameter and low power factor. These competitors shot on Thursday and Friday.  Iron sighted guns employ a tall rear peep sight graduated in elevation and windage to aim very accurately to or exceeding the 500 meter ram distance.  These competitors shot on Friday and Saturday.


Submitted by:

Ron A Calderone

BPCR Match Director

Tucson Rifle Club

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