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TRC Board says Thanks to Will Schmall

The TRC Board of Directors said thanks and goodbye to our outgoing Club President, Will Schmall, in a small ceremony at last night's monthly Board meeting.


Will has served as TRC President for more years than I can remember--or Will cares to remember.  I believe his tenure goes back before 2000 (at least we have pictures on this site to that date).

Will's looking remarkable fit given his short period out of the Presidency.  TRC will do that to you.

Hopefully, Will now has the time to do a bit more shooting and a lot less worrying.  Many thanks from all the membership at TRC.

The monthly smallbore prone rifle match at Tucson Rifle Club will be held this Sunday, February 10, 2008.

Sign in and range setup at 7:30 AM. Begin firing at 8:00.

120 shots for record, unlimited sighting shots, at 50 and 100 yards.

Entry fee $6.

Please advise if you need to borrow any equipment.

Our Tucson Rifle Club smallbore shooters really cleaned up at the recent Senior Olympics smallbore match. Gold medals were won by Greg Fallon, Jeff Schneider, Kim Wood, Bob Suomala and Bernice Mckinney, while Lee McKinney and Emmett Reed won silver medals. Complete results and scores are attached.

See you on Sunday,
Greg Fallon,
Match Director

February John C Garand Match Cancelled

Due to the commitment of most of our coaches and regular shooters to the Washington's Birthday Team Match at Ben Avery on the same day, TRC's February John C Garand Match scheduled for Sunday 17 Feb 08 has been cancelled.
The next TRC Garand Match will be on our normal Third Sunday 16 March 2008.

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