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50 BMG Again at Three Points


In order to safely accommodate those interested in the usage of the .50 BMG cartridge, TRC and the FCSA have worked together to create a procedure whereby .50 BMG shooters may be permitted restricted access to the Three Points Public Shooting Range. The purpose of the procedure is to minimize the risk of projectiles leaving the range site and mitigate damage to range property.

TRC BOD Minutes


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Kevin Baker turns 1 year old

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Yep, TRC's Pistol Director turned one year old today. Kevin Baker (that's him at the top right) has created a wonderful blog called, The Smallest Minority--and its one year old today.
If you've wondered why TRC's blog does not delve into the politics surrounding guns and the shooting sports, its because no one does it better than Kevin.
Bookmark The Smallest Minority and visit it regularly. Happy birthday Kevin!

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