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Range Construction October 9 - 16


Tuesday, October 9, 2007, The Arizona Game and Fish Department will begin the construction of the side safety berm on the High Power Silhouette Range. The construction will be completed on October 16, 2007. During the construction period, the High Power Silhouette Range, the 100 Yard Public and the Black Powder Range will be closed.

All other ranges at TRC will remain open!

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

September Roy Dunlap Match and October too! (Again)


Just a reminder,

Tucson Rifle Club's NRA approved Roy Dunlap 800-Aggregate Highpower Rifle Match will be held this coming Saturday 22 Sep 07.

Range gate opens around 0630. If the office isn't open yet and there's no sign-in sheet on the outside table you must still sign-in before you leave for the day.

Squadding starts on the 200yd line after the pits are set up; first round downrange at 0700. Plan on two relays to beat the heat.

Match fees for adults are: NRA Match $15; Practice Match $10. Juniors shoot both matches for free.

Tucson Smallbore Prone Results - September

The scores were as hot as the temperature at the September 9, 2007, smallbore prone match at Tucson Rifle Club. Four of the nine shooters exceeded a 1190 aggregate score. Lee McKinney, using a newly-purchased 2 inch Unertl scope, dropped only four points for the day and emerged the winner. Rick Smart trailed Lee by just one point, but shot more X's, 71, to Lee's 63. Greg Fallon led the X-counts with 85, but lost six points to end up third overall. Wow, that's 70% center shots! Bernice McKinney shot the only 40 shot "clean" of the day, 400-32x in the opening 50 yard match, but wore out with the heat to finish fourth, seven points down. Jim Denovchek thought he'd scoop the competition by using his scope, but found that after several months of iron sight shooting, his glass skills were a little rusty.
Maury Krupp, back from honing his skills at Camp Perry, led the iron sight group with some of the best scores he's ever shot, including a 396-20x at 50 yards. Junior shooter Nathan Abel squeezed continuous improvement out of a Club-issued Mossberg, finally beating Bill Reitze in the Dewar match at the end of the day. Looks like dad, Hal Abel, will be under a lot of pressure now to buy the kid a decent rifle (or surrender his Anschutz). Bill Reitze, meanwhile, has concluded that shooting in shirtsleeves is tough, and he's now shopping for a shooting coat.
All the scores are posted on the attached Excel spreadsheet. Our next match will be October 14, 2007. Greg Fallon Match Director

September John C Garand Match and October too!


First a reminder,

Tucson Rifle Club's monthly John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 16 Sep 07.

Range gate opens around 0630. If the office isn't open yet and there's no sign-in sheet on the outside table you must still sign-in before you leave for the day.

Squadding starts on the 200yd line after the pits are set up. First round downrange at 0700.

Match fee is $10 for adults; juniors and military shoot for free.

Ammunition is available for use in the match: $10 for 60 rounds of M1 Rifle or M1 Carbine.

Several privately-owned rifles and carbines are available for loan free of charge. Club ammo must be purchased and used. Contact me if you need one.

Reduced targets to simulate the standard National Match Course are available on request. Ask for them when squadding.


TRC's October Garand Match will be held in conjunction with the CMP Western Games at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix on Sunday 21 Oct 07.

TRC's October Roy Dunlap Match will also be held at Ben Avery in conjunction with the Creedmoor Cup Match on Saturday 27 Oct 07.

Any Tucson shooter scoring well enough to earn a CMP medal in any of the Games or place against other TRC shooters in his NRA class in the Creedmoor Cup will also receive a coupon good for $10 off any TRC Highpower Match fee.

Unfortunately, CMP's program doesn't allow for an "Any Rifle" class so you must shoot an "As Issued" rifle.

Fortunately, we have numerous M1 and M1903 rifles along with several M1 Carbines available for loan. The CMP entry fee already includes ammunition.

So go to and get your entries in.

Anyone needing transportation to Ben Avery on match day or overnight billeting in PHX for the matches please contact me.

Hope to see you at all the matches,

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