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TRC BOD Meeting - Minutes for October


Missed this month's meeting, but got last month's minutes.

October meeting minutes (edited) -jlb

1) Ranges Improvement Project Status – Have verbal OK from G&F Engineering. Need Plot Plan to file with G&F. Vertical aerial photo to be taken after dirt work in November.
--20’ tall berm IAW NRA. Electrical must be brought up to code. HP Sil Range exposed power and must have 3’ burial on power. Berm obscuration on PRS range. Note: particular attention to visibility of Turkey target line wrt firing line. (IAW Joe Duchene)



Tucson, AZ November 1, 2003

In the late morning at Tucson's historic Three Points Rifle Silhouette Range, history was made by formidable, hard holding, Ron Calderone. As the booming report of his old and hard run Browning BPCR .45-70 rolled across the desert, a steel turkey spun off its' stand, the tenth in a row...

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