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January John C Garand Match


Just a reminder,

Tucson Rifle Club's monthly John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 21 Jan 07.

Range gate opens around 0630. Squadding starts on the 200yd line after the pits are set up. First round downrange as soon as we can see the targets.

Tucson Senior Olympics High Power


Shooting: High Powered Rifle Match
Friday, January 26, 2007
Pima Co. Southeast Regional Park
11296 S. Harrison Rd.
8 am match start time
An hour before start time
$19.00 for event
Entry Regulations
Men and women compete separately.
Competition will be in five year increments beginning with 50–54.
All participants must provide own ammunition and firearms. NOTE: There will be a limited number of loaner M1 rifles available and ammo to purchase at the range. Advanced request required for the rifles.


Battle Rifle Challenge returns


The 5th Tucson Rifle Club BattleRifle Challenge

An afternoon of fun, friends, and a four-stage test of your rifle marksmanship!

1. Date/Time: 1300 10 Feb 07

That’s the time planned for first round downrange. If you can, come early to help with target set up and check-in.

2. Place: TRC High Power Rifle Silhouette Range

3. Entry Fee: $5 adults; Juniors under 18 FREE when accompanied by adult

Tucson 600 Yard Match Reminder - January


Next Sunday, January 7, 2007, the Tucson Rifle Club will be holding our regular monthly 600 yard prone rifle match. This will be on the 1st Sunday of January. Details are as follows:

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