Battle Rifle Challenge returns


The 5th Tucson Rifle Club BattleRifle Challenge

An afternoon of fun, friends, and a four-stage test of your rifle marksmanship!

1. Date/Time: 1300 10 Feb 07

That’s the time planned for first round downrange. If you can, come early to help with target set up and check-in.

2. Place: TRC High Power Rifle Silhouette Range

3. Entry Fee: $5 adults; Juniors under 18 FREE when accompanied by adult

4. Required Equipment:

a. Rifle: One rifle for all stages. Optical or iron sights

There won’t be any alibis or “do-overs” so be sure your rifle will function reliably. Have a good battlesight zero.

b. Ammo: Bring a minimum of 100 rounds of any safe ammo and something to carry it in

Range rules prohibit tracer, incendiary, AP, or API.

All reloads must be from pouches, pockets, bandoleers, etc worn by the shooter.

c. Other Equipment: No specialized shooting coats, gloves, glasses, hats, ground pads, etc

5. Targets: Steel targets of various sizes and shapes arranged in banks of three:

a. Bank 1 – Round Swingers at 100yd
b. Bank 2 – Head and Shoulders Silhouettes at 200yd
c. Bank 3 – Q-Targets (reduced silhouettes) at 300yd
d. Bank 4 – Full Silhouettes at 400yd
e. Bonus Target – One Q-Target at 600yd

For the final “Mad Minute” stage we will use full sized paper silhouettes at 250 yards

6. Stages:

a. Stage One: Rifleman's Challenge: Any position. Unlimited ammunition. Unlimited magazines

(1) Two minute par time; PLUS 30 seconds each for bolt action or iron sights; MINUS 30 seconds for artificial support (bipods, sandbags, etc.)

(2) On command load and await the command to commence fire. Engage targets left to right; near to far. One hit each target. After all targets are hit engage Bonus Target until time expires

(3) Score total number of hits plus two points for each Bonus Target hit

b. Stage Two: SnapShots: Standing at 100yd, Kneeling at 200yd, Sitting at 300yd, and Prone at 400yd. Four magazines of 5 rounds each

(1) One second par time

(2) On command load 5 rounds; hold rifle on target. Buzzer will sound after a random delay. On buzzer, engage target with 1 shot in 1 second. Repeat four times (total 5 shots). Unload then change position

(3) Score number of hits

c. Stage Three: TRC AQT: Prone unsupported. Two magazines of 10 rounds each

(1) Five second par time

(2) RO will call out target number. When buzzer sounds engage target with one round. Reload as needed

(3) Score number of hits

d. Stage Four: Mad Minute: Any position without artificial support. Unlimited ammunition. Unlimited magazines

(1) One minute par time

(2) At whistle engage target with rapid fire until whistle sounds again. Reload as needed

(3) Score number of hits on silhouette

7. Estimated Finish Time: 1700

That’s about the time we figure all shooting should be finished. The actual time will depend on the number of shooters. If you can, stick around to help put away targets and police the range.

Actual start and finish times, match rules, and conduct of the individual stages are subject to change at the match director’s discretion.

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