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18 Feb 07 Garand Match - CANCELLED


The Garand Match scheduled for this Sunday 18 Feb 07 has been CANCELLED.

Next match at normal time, March 18th.


5th BattleRifle Challenge Results


Compared to last year, the Rifleman's Challenge scores and Mad Minute hit percentages are up while the AQT qualification rate is down.

SnapShots is different enough from last year's version to make a direct comparison invalid.

Looks like next time it will pay to not have a rifle that's too heavy to hold up, a cartridge that will consistently reach past 250yd, and a magazine designed for fast reloads.

See pictures of this match at

Use left menu to select Tactical Night Shoots.
Click on Battle Rifle Challenge.
Select match date.


Results are as follows:

Desert Thunder Pic's are up!



See more at

Use left menu to select "AZ-Cowboy Shooters-Desert Thunder".


18th South Carolina Light Siege Artillery, Battery B


Living Historians,

I am extending an invitation to any member of the Three Points Public Shooting Range who are interested in joining a Civil War Artillery Reenacting Group to consider membership in the 18th South Carolina Light Siege Artillery, Battery B, C.S.A.

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