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Bordertown 2004 Pictures are up


No, I wasn't standing that close. A good telephoto lens comes in handy at these events. :-)

See the rest of the photos at

If any Arizona taxpayers want to help junior shooters for free, they can donate up to $250 to Wickenburg HS Rifle Team and get a full credit on their 2004 Arizona State taxes. One is essentially directing $250 of your state tax liability to go to the rifle team. Just get the money in by early December so the Wickenburg secretary handles the paperwork before the end of the year. Rex is hurting for guns, and wants to buy some more Rock River's.

Annoy a liberal, donate today! Coach Powers' donation request letter follows:

30th Anniversary of Pistol Silhouette

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Next year, 2005, is the 30th year since Pistol Silhouette got its start at Tucson Rifle Club on the Three Points Range.

Folks who wish to make this anniversary a special occasion are requested to kindly submit ideas about what they'd like to do to celebrate and recognize this 30th anniversary.

Use this forum to leave messages, ideas, contacts, phone numbers, ANYTHING, to help get this thing off the ground.

Jim B

Tucson Smallbore Prone Matches at TRC


Be advised that two dates for the new Tucson Rifle Club Smallbore Prone
matches have been placed on the calendar: November 14 and December 12,
2004. These are both the second Sunday of the month. Sorry, I couldn't
get a range date in October due the already heavy range schedule.

Don't let our delayed startup inhibit your shooting, however. I'd suggest
you use the intervening time to get in a little practice. Try out your
prone position. Get your sling set up. Make sure your scope has enough
eye relief in prone, especially those of you planning to use sporter or
silhouette rifles. Does your scope focus clearly at both 50 and 100
yards? Shoot for zero at both 50 and 100 yards and record the
settings. Maybe do a little ammo accuracy testing. FYI, the targets used
at 50 yards are the A-23 and at 100 yards, the A-25. Buy an open bolt
indicator (chamber flag) from the range office and trim it to fit your
particular rifle. A little preparation now will make match day a lot more

I'll post a more detailed match announcement as the date draws closer, but
if you have any questions about equipment or procedures, feel free to
e-mail me. Thanks.

Greg Fallon (gcfallon at
Match Director

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