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TRC's Annual Highpower Clinic Returns


Tucson Rifle Club will be conducting its annual Highpower Rifle Clinic in conjunction with the regularly scheduled John C Garand Match on 15 February 2004.

The clinic will begin at 7:30am and should finish around 1 or 2pm. It will consist of approximately one hour of instruction on safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, and match procedures. This year the class will be conducted by shooters from the United States Marine Corps Reserve Service Rifle Team. Following the class there will be a 40-shot John C Garand Match.

1000 Yard Prone Match Final Results


Finally, I've been sent the results of the 1000 Yard Prone Match held December 7, 2003, at Tucson Rifle Club. This match has been going on for some time now, but for one reason or another I've not been able to attend. Always wondered how those folks were doing. This month seven shooters participated (hey, its getting cold these mornings) and six turned in their score cards. Keep those results coming and I'll post them.

TRC Officers 2004


Well, another year and another election.

Some new blood this year: Al Speert, a long time member and avid Combat Action Shooter, is TRC's new Vice President. When not shooting at TRC, Al can be found fabricating some of the best metallic silhouettes West of the Mississippi.

Bob Ross, our Executive Officer and long time Cowboy Action Shooter, welcomed a special new member to the Board; Safety Officer, Kathy Ross. Welcome aboard Kathy.

As usual, the annual meeting went well. Will Schmall and Larry Novak went over the plans for range improvements. Final meeting with the contractor to take place tomorrow. We hope to begin earth moving in late January 2004.

In other business, the Board voted to rework the Hunter Education Trail based on an BSA Eagle Project proposal by Eagle Scout candidate, Kenneth Luiten. Rework being done in anticipation of increased demand for Hunter Education facilities in 2004.

Finally, warning signs for our perimeter fencing were discussed. An NRA produced warning sign (plastic) was passed around. It looked good and the price is relatively cheap, but the durability of the sign given our intense summer sun was questioned. Al Speert will see if he can produce a templete so these signs can be painted on metal plates--which are hoped can be firmly affixed to our fencing and will last longer in the sun.

Lever Action Cowboy Silhouette starts on fourth Saturdays in 2004. We are sanctioned to hold these matches through May.

New Officers for 2004 are:

600 Yard Practice Match Final Results


Thanks to Maury and Bob Pirisky for setting up the pits and to Bob Jones, Allen Elliot, Bill Berta, Maury and Jim Denovchek for their coaching assistance on the line. Next 600 yard match is scheduled for Saturday, 31 January 2004. Similar format.

Greg Fallon

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