TRC's Annual Highpower Clinic Returns


Tucson Rifle Club will be conducting its annual Highpower Rifle Clinic in conjunction with the regularly scheduled John C Garand Match on 15 February 2004.

The clinic will begin at 7:30am and should finish around 1 or 2pm. It will consist of approximately one hour of instruction on safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, and match procedures. This year the class will be conducted by shooters from the United States Marine Corps Reserve Service Rifle Team. Following the class there will be a 40-shot John C Garand Match.

For the match, participants will be divided into four groups or "relays." Each relay will take turns shooting, keeping score for another shooter, and pulling and marking targets in the pits. Each shooter will receive individual one-on-one coaching and assistance while shooting the match.

All of our instructors and coaches have years of highpower experience. All are classified by the NRA as at least Expert with most being Master or High Master. Over half are Distinguished Riflemen.

The course of fire will be five non-scored sighting shots followed by ten shots for record from the prone position in a time limit of fifteen minutes. Next will be one ten shot string of prone rapidfire in seventy seconds. Then one ten shot string of sitting or kneeling rapidfire in sixty seconds. Finally, ten shots from the standing position in ten minutes.

All firing will be done from 200 yards on a standard 37-inch NRA bullseye target with a thirteen inch diameter aiming black.

Upon completion of the match participants will receive a Civilian Marksmanship Program Certificate of Competition. This certificate serves as proof of marksmanship activity and qualifies the shooter to purchase surplus rifles from the CMP.

Any centerfire rifle chambered for a cartridge of 8mm or less may be used for the match. It must have iron sights adjustable for elevation and windage. No optical sights are allowed. The rifle must also be able to fire ten shots in sixty seconds including one reload. A limited number of M1 Garand rifles and M1 Carbines will be available for loan on a "first come-first served" basis. If you'll need to borrow a rifle please be sure to note this on your entry form. All rifles must have an Open Bolt Indicator. These may be purchased from the TRC office or on the line at the clinic.

Any safe factory or handloaded ammunition may be used. No armor piercing, tracer, or incendiary allowed. Enough .30-'06 or .30 Carbine club ammunition to shoot the match will be available for $10. Club ammunition must be used in loaner rifles.

Participants should bring eye and ear protection, a pencil or pen, drinking water and a snack. Additional drinking water will be available. They should wear comfortable clothes with long sleeves and long trousers. A coat, jacket, or sweatshirt, hat, and gloves are also recommended. Shooters with their own shooting coats, spotting scopes, or other special equipment may use them but they are not required.

Adult shooters must bring a notarized CMP Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement or have one on file at TRC. Blank forms are available at the TRC Office or the TRC web site.

Cost for the clinic is $10 for adults. Juniors under 18 are free.

This clinic is a great way to try out the challenging sport of highpower rifle competition. No experience is necessary. Over half the shooters at last year's clinic had no prior exposure to highpower competition. So sign up, then come on out for a new experience and a fun day at the range.

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