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The 4th Tucson Rifle Club BattleRifle Challenge


An afternoon of fun, friends, and a four-stage test of your rifle marksmanship!

1. Date/Time: 1400 8 Apr 05

That’s the time planned for first round downrange. If you can, come early to help with target set up and check-in.

2. Place: TRC High Power Rifle Silhouette Range

3. Entry Fee: $5 adults; Juniors under 18 FREE when accompanied by adult

4. Required Equipment:

a. Rifle: You will use the same rifle for all stages. It may be highly modified, but the basic rifle must be a type adopted for use by some army somewhere at some time. Optical or iron sights; sights need not be military type

Depending on how many shooters we have, you may not get a “do over” so be sure your rifle will function reliably. There won’t be a sighting-in period either, you’ll want to show up with at least a good battlesight zero.

b. Ammo: Bring a minimum of 100 rounds of any safe ammo; more if you like. No Tracer, Incendiary, AP, or API

You may bring extra ammo to the line to use in case of malfunctions. Any rounds fired over those authorized for a stage will be scored as misses.

c. Other Equipment:

(1) Pouches, pockets, bandoleers, etc to carry your ammunition

There are stages which will require you to reload with ammunition you’re carrying on your person. If you’ve got it, using standard issue web gear is encouraged.

(2) Slings may be made of leather, cloth, or synthetic materials.

You may use a sling to steady your position in all stages.

(3) Heavyweight shooting coats or gloves are not allowed

This is a battle rifle shoot not a highpower match. Lightweight cloth coats, field jackets, BDUs, elbow and/or knee pads, work gloves, and similar items are OK.

(4) Special shooting glasses or attachments (eg, Knoblochs, Merit apertures, etc) are not allowed
You may place a piece of tape, target paster(s), or similar material over your non-aiming lens.

(5) No personal shooting mats will be used.

Carpet runners will be provided during prone and sitting stages

5. Targets: You’ll be shooting at full sized paper silhouettes at 250 yards for the first stage. After that the targets will be steel of various sizes arranged in banks of three as follows:

a. Bank 1 – 8in Round Swingers at 100yd
b. Bank 2 – Head and Shoulders Silhouettes at 200yd
c. Bank 3 – Q-Targets (reduced silhouettes) at 300yd
d. Bank 4 – Full Silhouettes at 400yd
e. Bonus Target – One Q-Target at 600yd

6. Stages:

a. Stage One: The Mad Minute

b. Stage Two: The TRC AQT

c. Stage Three: The Rifleman's Challenge

d. Stage Four: The TRC Combat Leg

7. Estimated Finish Time: 1900

That’s about the time we figure all shooting should be finished. The actual time will depend on the number of shooters. If you can, stick around to help put away targets and police the range.

Actual start and finish times, match rules, and conduct of the individual stages are subject to change at the match director’s discretion.

March John C Garand Match


Just a reminder,

Tucson Rifle Club's March John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 19 Mar 06.

Once again this month shooters in the "As Issued" match will use new CMP optical character reader scorecards. Remember, even though you may not be shooting an "As Issued" rifle you may be scoring for someone who is. Know how to fill in the card correctly!

Go to for a look at the new instructions.

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