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Tucson Rifle Club's monthly John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 16 Jan 11.
New for 2011:
-Optical Sights Class - Rifles with optical sights will be allowed as a separate class using either the full-size or reduced targets.  Ask for a BLUE scorecard when squadding
-Once again this match is CMP-sanctioned - As Issued Scores will be posted on the CMP web site and CMP Certificates of Achievement will be available to all new shooters on request
Range gate opens around 0630.  Squadding starts on the 200yd line after the pits are set up.  Winter Start Time - First round downrange at 0800.
Match fee is $10 for adults; juniors and military shoot for free.
Ammunition is available for use in the match; $20 for seven clips (56 rounds) of HXP M2 Ball in a cloth bandolier.
Several privately-owned rifles are available for loan free of charge.  Club ammo must be purchased and used.  Contact me if you need one.
Reduced targets to simulate the standard National Match Course are available on request.  Ask for them when squadding.
See you there,

Match Report - Bowling Pins

Turnout for this month's Bowling Pin match was a bit lower - thirteen people in addition to myself, 25 guns.  I brought with me today four tables, but somehow only enough legs for three of them, so we shot (mostly) three-at-a-time.  And you know what?  I may stick to that format.  It worked pretty well!  I also brought an air horn as the match "start" signal.  EVERYBODY can hear it!

We went back to the best two out of three, double-elimination format, eschewing the "timed" runs for handicapping - we just went head-to-head.  I need to work on keeping a little better track of the competition using this format, but I think it's the way to go, especially if turnout comes back up. 

We started shooting at 9AM, and were done by 11:30.  Once again, thanks to everybody who helped reset targets, and especially to those who helped tear down afterwards.

Today's winner for centerfire was John Higgins, who shot nine matches in four sets with his EAA Witness 9mm, losing only once.  Second place went to Jim Burnett, shooting a Beretta 92, also in 9mm, who gave John his single loss.  I won the .22 class, also shooting against John, who was having a great day.  John had gone undefeated in .22 (he'd already beaten me 2-0 in one match), but I managed to beat him in four straight runs, taking him out in double-elimination.  I love my Ruger MkII!

Larry Boykin won the $25 entry pot drawing.  

Next month's match is February 13, the day before Valentine's.  First rounds down range at 9:00AM.  Hope to see you there!

Kevin Baker

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