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August 14, 2010 Night Shoot Results


Tactical Night Shoot   Night Shoot Stages / Score Sheet


Date:       August 14, 2010                                    

     Stage 1 Rifle      Stage 2 Rifle      Stage 3   Rifle      Stage 4   Rifle

               PAR TIME
          PAR TIME          PAR TIME

         8 Seconds          60 Seconds          20 Seconds         Man v Man  
Name                Points Total Points Time Points Time Points Time
1. Peter I 5 43.4 0 19.43 4 PAR 7 25.26
2. Jeff C -24 45.88 4 20.49 0 PAR 7 21.25
3. Don T 12 45.11 8 21.71 6 PAR 7 10.48
4. Alan S -5 43.72 8 17.99 4 PAR 7 17.92
5. CC B 18 35.82 7 10.93 7 14.25 7 11.91
6.Craig S -19 47.85 1 36.55 2 PAR 3 30.67
7. Phil D 4 47.95 4 28.36 2 PAR 7 36.71
8. Carey B 18 44.84 6 19.94 8 19.88 7 8.24
9. Gary B -20 48 5 36.01 2 PAR 7 28.35
10. John L 0 43.05 4 19.32 3 PAR 6 15.48
11. Arturo B -4 41.96 6 19.32 6 PAR 7 8.69
12. Nathan D -25 41.9 2 47.5 N/A N/A N/A N/A

August John C Garand Match


Just a reminder,
Tucson Rifle Club's monthly John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 15 Aug 10.
Range gate opens around 0630.  Squadding starts on the 200yd line after the pits are set up.  First round downrange at 0700.
Match fee is $10 for adults; juniors and military shoot for free.
Ammunition is available for use in the match; $20 for seven clips (56 rounds) of HXP M2 Ball in a cloth bandoleer.
Several privately-owned rifles are available for loan free of charge.  Club ammo must be purchased and used.  Contact me if you need one.
Reduced targets to simulate the standard National Match Course are available on request.  Ask for them when squadding.
See you there,

Bowling Pin Match Report, 8/8/10


This month age and experience won out over youth and enthusiasm.

Thirteen shooters showed up for this match, two of them before I got there.  I had lots of help setting up, setting pins, and tearing down.  Thanks to everyone for helping.

Firing commenced at 8:00AM, and four of the thirteen shooters showed up during the timed runs.  We finished the match at about 1:00PM.  The winner was John Higgins, a bullseye shooter using a 9mm EAA Witness Match.  He went through six sets of man-on-man competition, 2-1, 2-1, 2-1, 2-1, 2-1 and 2-0.  In four of those five 2-1 matches he lost the first round and made his competition feel overconfident, but in the final round he just pulled away!  John was one of the quickest and most consistent shooters in the match, a 5.99 second average with a fastest time of 5.30 seconds, and he showed that he could do it under pressure as well.

There will be no match in September, as I will be out of town that weekend for the fifth annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno, NV, but starting in October I'll be opening the match up to .22 rimfire, as I now have enough pin tops for targets.  The rules are pretty much the same, but the targets are just the cut-off tops of the pins arranged across the back edge of the table.  Those are pretty small targets from 29 feet away!

We'll be changing the match a bit more, as well.  As attendance has increased, the match has gotten longer.  With input from the shooters, we will be reducing the timed strings for average from five to three, and going to single-elimination rather than double.

See you October 10!

Kevin Baker

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