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TRC August 3 gun match


Hello shooters,
This coming Sunday, August 1, we will again battle the heat (and humidity) while honing our shooting skills combating cardboard, steel, clay pigeons...oh...and the clock. Set up will start around 0700 (that's 7 am).
We hope to see you there!!!

Bowling Pin Match Report 7/11/01

It took a while, but it looks like we've got our feet under us.

Eleven shooters showed up for the match of all different skill levels.  It was hot, but generally breezy enough to keep us not too uncomfortable.  Handguns ranged from a S&W Model 10 to an STI .40S&W race gun.  Everyone got to shoot a LOT, and (I think) had a very good time.  Many pins gave their all in this competition.  I know my tables did.  I need new ones.  In addition to the five initial timed runs for handicapping, the ultimate winner competed in six head-to-head matchups.  Some shooters actually ran out of ammo!  (Next time they'll bring more, they say!)  The ultimate winner was 15 year-old Woody Simpson shooting a SIG, which goes to show that old age, guile and experience doesn't always defeat youth and enthusiasm. Woody's very last round of ammo took his very last pin off the last table of the day.  To add insult to injury, he won the drawing at the end of the match and took home the prize money ($12) to go along with the shot-up trophy pin.

The next match is August 8.  There will be no match in September, as I will be going to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno, NV that weekend.

Kevin Baker

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