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May John C Garand Match - Summer Start Time


Just a reminder,
Tucson Rifle Club's monthly John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 16 May 10.
Range gate opens around 0630.  Squadding starts on the 200yd line after the pits are set up.  First round downrange at 0700.
Match fee is $10 for adults; juniors and military shoot for free.
Ammunition is available for use in the match; $20 for seven clips (56 rounds) of HXP M2 Ball in a cloth bandolier.
Several privately-owned rifles are available for loan free of charge.  Club ammo must be purchased and used.  Contact me if you need one.
Reduced targets to simulate the standard National Match Course are available on request.  Ask for them when squadding.
See you there,

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