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TRC Congratulates The New State Smallbore Champions


The 2008 Smallbore State Champions are:

Standard Rifle - Antonio Lopez 

Hunter Rifle - Joy Cox


Eighty eight shooters from Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Mexico attended the 2008 Arizona State Silhouette Rifle and Hunter Rifle Championships held at TUCSON RIFLE CLUB on October 4th and 5th.  High winds of 25 mph rocked everyone for the duration causing blinding dry dust, low overall scores and testing everyone's mettle!


     Joy Cox of Phoenix, Arizona won the Hunter Rifle Championship easily with a score of 92 of possible 120.  She was also High Woman and High Arizona Resident!  Joy has proved a fierce competitor having won this event many times in years past.  She narrowly missed winning the Standard Rifle match by a mere 2 points!


     Antonio Lopez is no stranger to wind!  Making the long trek from El Paso, Texas to Tucson, Arizona, he bested all comers with a respectable score of 89 of 120 to win the Standard Rifle Championship.  Antonio was joined by many of his fellow competitors from El Paso who also competed and shot well!  Match highlights follow:



STANDARD RIFLE                                                                                         SCORE


Antonio Lopez          Champ                     El Paso, Texas                                        89 

Joy Cox                                                      Phoenix, AZ                                           88

Kathleen Garvin                                        Glendale, AZ                                          83

Frank Carrillo             Master                     El Paso, TX                                           81

Bob Snyder                 High Senior            Littleton CO                                           72

Alan Kirsch                  AAA                      Glendale AZ                                          70

Russell Fletcher             AA                        Phoenix AZ                                           66

Enrique Juarez                A                          Tempe AZ                                              60

Frankie Ceniceros           B                          El Paso TX                                            37

Ben Fletcher                  High JR                  Phoenix AZ                                           49




Joy Cox                           Champ                   Phoenix AZ                                           92

Antonio Lopez                 2nd                         El Paso TX                                            86

Jerry Webster                    3rd                         Phoenix, AZ                                          76

Bob Snyder                     High Senior            Littleton CO                                          76

Eric Sundstrom                 AAA                      Eagle CO                                              70

Billy Watters                       AA                       El Paso TX                                           58

Steve Eacret                         A                          Gilbert   AZ                                          53

Enrique Juarez                      B                          Tempe AZ                                            41

David Arnberger              High I- Jr                  Glendale AZ                                         40

Joe Sierra  Jr                     High  S-Jr                 El Paso, Texas                                      27




Tucson 600 Yard Results - October

Attached are the results from the Tucson Rifle Club 600 yard prone match held on October 5, 2008. 
Thanks to all who attended.
Next month's match will be on Sunday, November 9, 2008.
Greg Fallon
Match Director

Name Rifle Type Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Aggregate
Conventional Prone

Greg Fallon MR Scope 199-11x 200-13x 195-8x 594-32x
Rick Smart MR Iron 196-7x 194-2x 188-6x 578-15x
Roger Whitney MR Iron 193-5x 190-9x 190-8x 573-22x
Pete Wolf SR AR 179-3x 184-2x 186-3x 549-8x
Maury Krupp SR M1 178-1x 186-3x 178-3x 542-7x
Bill Orzechowski SR M1 182-3x 182-0x 177-2x 541-5x
Jeff Schneider SR AR 185-2x 169-1x 182-3x 536-6x



Ron Riga MR Scope 191-5x 197-5x 187-2x 575-12x

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