Tucson 600 Yard Results - October

Attached are the results from the Tucson Rifle Club 600 yard prone match held on October 5, 2008. 
Thanks to all who attended.
Next month's match will be on Sunday, November 9, 2008.
Greg Fallon
Match Director

Name Rifle Type Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Aggregate
Conventional Prone

Greg Fallon MR Scope 199-11x 200-13x 195-8x 594-32x
Rick Smart MR Iron 196-7x 194-2x 188-6x 578-15x
Roger Whitney MR Iron 193-5x 190-9x 190-8x 573-22x
Pete Wolf SR AR 179-3x 184-2x 186-3x 549-8x
Maury Krupp SR M1 178-1x 186-3x 178-3x 542-7x
Bill Orzechowski SR M1 182-3x 182-0x 177-2x 541-5x
Jeff Schneider SR AR 185-2x 169-1x 182-3x 536-6x



Ron Riga MR Scope 191-5x 197-5x 187-2x 575-12x


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