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Match report: Bowling Pins

It was a clear, cold day with a light breeze.  I don't know what kept the rest away, but only four shooters showed up to join me for the first bowling pin match of the year.  There were a total of sixteen guns, and this time I brought two revolvers.  That plan didn't work out so well.

First rounds went downrange about 8:20 on schedule, and we were finished before 11:00.  I managed a come-from-behind win for Major over Jim Burnett.  John Higgins won Minor against his only competitor, Jim, and then proceeded to beat me to be overall semi-auto champ.  Jim redeemed himself by winning the revolver competition with his S&W .41 Magnum.  (Note to self:  practice hitting the pins.)  Travis Higgins took the .22 class handily.  The only competitor not to win a class was Rick Lavaty, but he won the random drawing and at least got his entry fee back plus a dollar, so everyone was a winner today.

Next month's match is February 12.  Hope to see you there!

Kevin Baker

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