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Smallbore Silhouette Rifle match

Today was a challenging match due to gusting winds and cowardly trigger fingers ! Although sunny, the wind never quit blowing and all who braved the weather to compete had to screw their hats on and buckle down to hit anything besides the dirt bank.
MW    Ron A Calderone           35/60                              
AAA    Mike Aiello                    35/60    1st                      
                 Bustatmante 33/60                                                                                                           
          Jerome Grentz              18/60                               
          Andres Wirichaga           27/60                              
AA      Tom Porter                   29/60     1st
          Bob Stapleton               18/60
          Juan Rubio                    28/60                                
          Felipe Zepeda                27/60                                
          Jim Bertrand                 24/60                                 
A        Richard Burton              17/60                                
          Ed Hertfelder                 8/60                                  
          Mike Pfander                 18/60
          Joan Salgado                 24/60       1st                     
B        Barbara Burton              12/60       1st                        
          Ken Williams                  11/60
          Alan Rubio                      10/60                                

Ron A Calderone , Match Director

A Dampness on the Pins - (Match Report)


Or:  Eight people can have a lot of fun in the rain.

Turnout was light Sunday due to the weather (and the NASCAR race in Phoenix).  Bill and Elaine Tab rejoined us from the soon-to-be-frozen North, and Joe Lancaster rejoined us from his latest tour of the Sandbox.  It drizzled on us off and on, and we had a downpour for a few minutes in the middle of the match, but eight of us in total showed up with nineteen guns.  First rounds went downrange about 8:30, and we were finished by 11.  The competition was pretty fierce, with several ties and several sets going four or more rounds.   

The winner in Major was Jim Burnett with his Clark Custom 1911 pin gun.  Minor and overall pistol champ was John Higgins with his EAA Witness 9mm.  (In the eternal argument between .45 and 9mm, 9mm can be faster in pin shooting.)  Revolver had only four competitors this month, and Jim won that one as well with his S&W .41 Magnum, squeaking by John and his Python.  I learned firsthand that you should not try to reload your revolver with an EMPTY speed loader.  It will cost you the round.  I took the .22 rimfire class with my MkII Target.  I had a couple of really good runs with it.

The next match is December 11.  Hope to see you there!


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