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Match Report - Mother's Day Pins


Six people besides myself showed up for the Mother's Day bowling pin match, two of them new, and one of those an actual mother.  Welcome to Carlos and Elda, and I hope they can join us again.  The seven of us brought twenty guns: four Major, six Minor, five revolvers and five .22's.  

I managed to win both Major, with my Kimber Classic, and Minor with my M&P.  John Higgins won Revolver with his S&W model 19 shooting .38's (with <i>pinpoint</i> accuracy), and Jim Burnett won .22 in a come-from behind victory, cleaning my clock in four straight strings.  It took him a little while to find his "A" game, but when he did, there was no beating him. 

The next match is Sunday, June 10 - NOT a holiday.  Hope you can join us.

Kevin Baker

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