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Match Report - Bowling Pins

Turnout today was, to put it mildly, light. That's too bad, because while the humidity was up, the temperature just wasn't that bad. Five people showed up to join me, and between us we had thirteen guns - six of them .22 pistols.

Last month's centerfire winner John Higgins took it all this month, going undefeated with his Mk II and his 9mm Witness. Cliff Reed was the Major caliber winner with his Norinco 1911, but he couldn't outshoot John, and lost the final match, two to one.

At the urging of the few who did attend, next month we'll have a separate revolver class - .38 Special (or .357's shooting .38's) will be Minor caliber. .357 and larger will be considered Major. I'll be bringing my Model 25 Mountain Gun in .45 Long Colt. Hopefully there will be at least three other shooters with wheelguns.

The next match is August 14. Signup at about 8:00 AM, first rounds downrange by 8:20. See you there!

Kevin Baker

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