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300 Yard Firing Line Rebuild Work Parties

The 300 Yard Firing Line Rebuild Project is complete.
The firing lines at 200, 600, and now 300 are clear, flat, and level with evenly spaced firing points, plenty of room for gear and scorers, and smooth sloping ramps for easy access.
The work was on-time, on budget, and to design despite winds gusting to over 30MPH on Sunday which forced a delay in spreading the soil cement.
Doing the work were:
Bob Ahrendt
Jim Denovchek
Bill Gibson
Sean Hoffine
John Hoffman
Lee McKinney
Bill Orzechowski
Bob Pirisky
Ron Riga
Rick Smart
Wally Tang
Pete Wolf
In addition to working with shovel and rake, Bill O did all the behind the scenes work necessary to get this project off the ground and keep it going to completion and Sean supplied his Bobcat tractor which was indispensable on both days.
So the next time you lay down at 300 and you're not in a hole or on a rock or don't slip and fall getting up or down the hill, now you know who to thank.

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