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Range Restrictions For Construction October 18 - 23, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010, The Tucson Rifle Club will begin new construction on the firing line and spectator area of the two 100 yard public ranges. The construction will be completed on October 23, 2010. During the construction period, the 100 Yard Public Ranges will be closed .

Match Report - 10/10/10 - "Ten Pins"


Today's bowling pin match went off quite well if I do say so myself, but I can see some changes are going to be necessary. Fourteen people showed up to shoot the match (not counting me), and this was the first month where we shot a .22 rimfire class. Five of the fourteen brought a .22 to shoot in addition to their centerfire guns, and one shooter brought two different .45's to shoot, so there were a total of 20 entries (plus mine).

I ran out of entry sheets!

"M1 for Vets" Purpose:

Transitioning combat wounded veterans for the purpose of competing in national shooting sports.  "M1 For Vets" is a non-profit organization dedicated to financial and logistical support of returning Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and the Global War on Terror veterans.


"M1 for Vets" Goal:

To give transitioning combat wounded veterans an opportunity to get back on the rifle range to participate in shooting competition. "M1 for Vets" will make logistical arrangements and work with them to make the adjustments that are necessary to achieve a stable firing position. These are tough young men and women who quickly adapt and are able to overcome difficulties.


"M1 for Vets" Process:

All nominations are processed through fellow brothers in arms. Upon being nominated by a potential transitioning combat wounded veteran representative "M1 for Vets" refurbishes an M1 or other suitable rifle for donation and the scheduling process begins. The presentation location is selected (usually at a local range that is having a shooting competition) and the arrangements required to logistically support and get the recipient to that location are set in motion.


Purpose of this match:  To raise funds and bring awareness for the M1 for Vets Program.

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