Veterans Day "M1 for Vets" Fund Raiser -- November 21, 2010


"M1 for Vets" Purpose:

Transitioning combat wounded veterans for the purpose of competing in national shooting sports.  "M1 For Vets" is a non-profit organization dedicated to financial and logistical support of returning Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and the Global War on Terror veterans.


"M1 for Vets" Goal:

To give transitioning combat wounded veterans an opportunity to get back on the rifle range to participate in shooting competition. "M1 for Vets" will make logistical arrangements and work with them to make the adjustments that are necessary to achieve a stable firing position. These are tough young men and women who quickly adapt and are able to overcome difficulties.


"M1 for Vets" Process:

All nominations are processed through fellow brothers in arms. Upon being nominated by a potential transitioning combat wounded veteran representative "M1 for Vets" refurbishes an M1 or other suitable rifle for donation and the scheduling process begins. The presentation location is selected (usually at a local range that is having a shooting competition) and the arrangements required to logistically support and get the recipient to that location are set in motion.


Purpose of this match:  To raise funds and bring awareness for the M1 for Vets Program.

Location:  Tucson Rifle Club is located about 25 miles west of downtown Tucson, Arizona on State Route 86 (Ajo Way). The entrance to the range is on the north side, about 2.5 miles west of Robles Junction (Three Points) just past Mile Post 148.


Sign in and Squading:  All competitors and spectators must sign in at range office prior to going to the Thousand Yard Range.  All squading and firing will be done at the 200 yard line.


Match Date and Time: Sunday, November 21, 2010. Squading starts at 7:00 A.M. Match starts at 8:00 A.M.


Entries:  Entries will be accepted up to start of firing.  Range capacity 60 competitors.  Make all checks payable to "M1 For Vets"


-Advance Entries close on Nov. 18, 2010:  $25 per adult shooter and $15 for juniors. 

-Match Day: Match fee plus $5 Late Fee

Mail entry form and all fees to:           M1 For Vets Match

2319 S Quail Hollow Dr

Tucson AZ  85710

or email to:

Rifle Categories:  Metallic sights only; no optical sights.


-Vintage Rifle:  Any US or foreign military rifle in service prior to 1950

-Modern Rifle:  Any US or foreign military rifle in service after 1950

-Unlimited Rifle:  Match conditioned or specialized marksmanship rifles (eg, National Match, Air Force Premium Grade, US Navy Grade A or B, sniper or designated marksman rifles without optics, etc)

-Optical: Any of the above with optical sights


Ammunition:  M2 Ball Ammunition is available to entrants firing .30-'06 rifles in the Vintage Rifle category only - One bandoleer of 48 rounds on clips for $20.00. A limited number of loaner  M1 and AR15 rifles are available for the match. Contact Jeff Schneider to reserve one.


Course of fire:

-Stage One: Five sighting shots fired in any position followed by 10 shots slow fire prone fired in 15 minutes

-Stage Two: Rapid fire prone, 10 shots fired in 80 seconds (one reload)

-Stage Three: Rapid fire sitting or kneeling, 10 shots fired in 70 seconds (one reload)

-Stage Four: Slow fire standing, 10 shots fired in 10 minutes



-Vintage, Modern, and Optical Rifles: NRA SR for all stages

-Unlimited Rifles:  NRA MR-52 for Stage 1, SR-42 for Stage 2, SR for Stages 3 and 4


Category Place Awards:  First, Second, and Third Place in each rifle category.


Special Awards:

-High Woman (overall)

-High Senior (overall) Age 60 or over

-High Junior (overall) Age 18 or under


Rules:  CMP Competition Rules


Alibis:  There will be NO alibis or re-fires except for Range Alibis


Target Service:  Competitors are required to perform pit duties or provide an alternate puller.


Scoring Duties:  Competitors are required to perform scoring duties.


Safety Equipment:  Hearing and eye protection are mandatory for both the firing line and pits. Empty Chamber Indicators are required for all rifles.


Lunch:  A lunch is included as part of the match and will be served at the clubhouse after the match prior to the award ceremony. 


"M1 For Vets" T-Shirts: Advance entries may purchase "M1 For Vets" t-shirts for $12.00.


Sponsors: American Legion Post 36 and Sons of American Legion Post 36 are sponsoring the match.

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