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Match Report - Bowling Pins

After a two-month hiatus due to the berm improvements on the Action range, we once again held our Second Sunday Bowling Pin match, June 12.  Turnout was down, in part I think due to the last two matches being canceled and in part because of the fact that summer is here.  It was warm at 7:30, and it got warmer - and windier - as the day went on.

Nine people including myself showed up to shoot the match, and between us we brought 17 guns.  There were no new shooters. 

Once again John Higgins went into the final rounds for centerfire and rimfire undefeated, but I managed to squeak a victory past him in the rimfire class, winning a particularly ugly final round.  John took centerfire with his 9mm EAA Witness, beating all other minor and major caliber shooters, undefeated with that gun. 

I need to get FASTER.

We finished up before 11:00AM, but even then we had winds enough to knock some pins down.

The next match is Sunday, July 10 - sign-in starting at about 7:45, first rounds downrange by 8:15 or so.  See you there!

Kevin Baker

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