Tucson Smallbore Prone Results - August

Nine shooters attended the August 12, 2007 monthly smallbore prone match at Tucson Rifle Club. The weather was hot and humid, but the wind conditions were reasonable. Two shooters fired "clean" targets: Jim Denovchek at 50 yards, 200-13x and Greg Fallon at 100 yards, 200-11x. This proves that older model rifles can still perform well, as Jim used a CMP Kimber 82 and Greg used a Winchester 52. Junior shooter Nathan Abel joined us for the second month, having borrowed and fallen in love with an Anschutz offered for sale by Eric Lute.

A summary of all scores follows:

Greg Fallon Iron Win.52 396-29x 396-20x 397-23x 1189-72x
Rick Smart Scope Anschutz 395-24x 393-18x 392-17x 1180-59x
Jim Denovchek Iron Kimber 82 396-24x 392-16x 387-16x 1175-56x
Eric Iron Anschutz 394-11x 92-1x DNF
Kim Wood Iron Anschutz 386-13x 389-13x 388-11x 1163-37x
Karl Kasarda Iron Rem.513T 386-11x 383-12x 387-16x 1156-39x
Bill Orzechowski Iron Kimber 82 382-11x 373-7x 379-10x 1134-28x
Hal Abel Iron Anschutz 373-7x 353-5x 347-5x 1073-17x
Nathan Abel Iron Anschutz Junior 294-1x   165-1x   289-0x   748-2x


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