Washington's Birthday Highpower Rifle Match


The Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association.s Annual Washington's Birthday Highpower Rifle Match was fired at Ben Avery Shooting Facility on Sunday 13 February 2005. This was the 113th consecutive year making it the longest running annual highpower match in the country.

The course of fire is the standard 50-shot National Match Course. All firing was done at 200 yards using reduced targets to simulate the 300 and 600 yard stages.

As usual the match was filled to capacity with 43 teams totaling 172 shooters. For the second time in two years teams from Tucson Rifle Club were among them:

TRC Red – Jeff Schneider, Bob Pirisky, Dave Johnson, and Pete Wolf (captain), Brett Meyer (target puller)

TRC Gold – Rick Smart (coach), Ron Mendez, Bill Orzechowski, and Maury Krupp (captain), Rick Pirisky (target puller)

Scheduling conflicts and last-minute job demands meant most of our Master and High Master shooters weren’t able to participate. Despite this lack of big guns, TRC shooters still brought home three of the available awards:

-TRC Red placed Third in the Adult Team category with a combined team score of 1860-27X

-Jeff Schneider was First in the Police category with a 473-9X

-Pete Wolf came away with Sixth Civilian scoring 475-9X

In addition, regular TRC shooters Ike Smith and Dan Rodriguez placed First and Second in the Service category with 480-12X and 477-7X respectively. This was enough to win First Service Team for the Arizona Air National Guard’s 162nd Fighter Wing.

TRC Gold’s combined team score was 1788-27X

Individual scores for the other TRC shooters were:

Dave Johnson 463-8X
Rick Smart 455-10X
Ron Mendez 453-4X
Maury Krupp 449-9X
Bob Pirisky 449-1X
Bill Orzechowski 431-4X

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