TRC 1000 Yd. Match Results - Feb

Nine shooters attended the combined 1000 yard and 600 yard rifle match at Tucson Rifle Club on February 8, 2005. High score at 1000 was Greg Fallon (195-9X), and Tim Barlow was high 1000yd. service rifle (173-1x). High score at 600 was Rick Smart (191-4X) and Tim Barlow was high 600yd. service rifle (189-7X). High total score was Greg Fallon (575-20X) and Kim Wood was high aggregate service rifle (504-4X). Complete results are in the attached Excel spreadsheet. Thanks to all who attended. Greg Fallon Match Director
NAME   RIFLE TYPE   1000 YD   600 YD #1   600 YD #2   AGGREGATE
Greg Fallon   Match Scope   195-9x            
Greg Fallon   Match Iron       190-5x   190-6x   575-20x
Carlos Heikel   Match Iron   187-1x   167-2x   180-2x   534-5x
Steve Hoogasian   Match Scope   160-1x   190-7x   179-2x   529-10x
Roger Whitney   Match Iron   172-2x   180-1x   172-1x   524-4x
Kim Wood   Service M14   170-2x   171-2x   163-0x   504-4x
Jim Denovchek   Match Iron   161-3x   181-2x   149-1x   491-6x
Darryl Smith   Service M14   145-0x   159-0x   152-2x   456-2x
Rick Smart   Match Iron   175-0x       191-4x    
Rick Smart   Service M1       80-1x       446-5x
Tim Barlow   Service M1A   173-1x   189-7x   DNF   362-8x

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