TRC March Smallbore Prone Results


Seven shooters participated in the March 13, 2005 Smallbore Prone Rifle Match at Tucson Rifle Club under sunny skies and a moderate wind. The scope-equipped shooters ruled the day, with Bernice McKinney winning the 50 yard match (400-29x), Lee McKinney winning the 100 yard match (398-28x) and Greg Fallon winning the combination 50 yard/100 yard Dewar Match (397-21x). Lee McKinney had the high aggregate for the day (1194-84x) and Jim Denovchek was the high Iron Sight shooter (1148-31x).

Greg Fallon
Match Director

Our next match will be on Sunday, April 10. 2005. Now that we have 12 firing points available, there's plenty of room for more shooters, so please plan to attend.

Lee Mckinney BSA Scope 400-27x 398-28x 396-29x 1194-84x
Bernice McKinney Anschutz Scope 400-29x 397-16x 396-20x 1193-65x
Greg Fallon Anschutz Scope 399-29x 395-16x 397-21x 1191-66x
Joe Bidwell Anschutz Scope 395-26x 393-19x 392-17x 1180-62x
Jim Denovchek Kimber 82 Iron 384-15x 377-5x 387-11x 1148-31x
Kim Wood Ural Iron 377-10x 367-8x 367-3x 1111-21x
Steve Hoogasian Mossberg Iron 304-2x
Steve Hoogasian Anschutz Scope 371-10x 354-6x 1029-18x

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