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300 Yard Firing Line Rebuild Work Parties

The 300 Yard Firing Line Rebuild Project is complete.
The firing lines at 200, 600, and now 300 are clear, flat, and level with evenly spaced firing points, plenty of room for gear and scorers, and smooth sloping ramps for easy access.
The work was on-time, on budget, and to design despite winds gusting to over 30MPH on Sunday which forced a delay in spreading the soil cement.
Doing the work were:
Bob Ahrendt
Jim Denovchek
Bill Gibson
Sean Hoffine
John Hoffman
Lee McKinney
Bill Orzechowski
Bob Pirisky
Ron Riga
Rick Smart
Wally Tang
Pete Wolf
In addition to working with shovel and rake, Bill O did all the behind the scenes work necessary to get this project off the ground and keep it going to completion and Sean supplied his Bobcat tractor which was indispensable on both days.
So the next time you lay down at 300 and you're not in a hole or on a rock or don't slip and fall getting up or down the hill, now you know who to thank.

Range Construction Improvements Starting April 4

The Tucson Rifle Club will be starting dirt work on Monday April 4, 2011. The dirt work will be done on three ranges to comply with AZGFD safety improvements. Dirt work will start with the completion of the safety baffle on the High Power Silhouette Range, and should only be shut down for a couple of days. Equipment will then move to the Pistol Silhouette Range for the construction of a new side baffle. The bulk of the work will be the improvement and construction of side baffles and impact berm on the Action Range long bay.
Please call the Range Office for information on the current status of the ranges. Check with match directors for any match cancellations. We will do our best to keep everyone updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Bill O.
Range Improvement Committee Chairman 

Range Restrictions For Construction October 18 - 23, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010, The Tucson Rifle Club will begin new construction on the firing line and spectator area of the two 100 yard public ranges. The construction will be completed on October 23, 2010. During the construction period, the 100 Yard Public Ranges will be closed .

Here's a few action pic's from the Action range:





Looking good.

Tucson July 600 Yard Match Cancellation


This is to advise that the Tucson Rifle Club monthly 600 yard prone match for July 5, 2009 is CANCELLED.  As many of you know, the 600 yard line is currently unusable due to damage incurred last month.  Several work parties are scheduled this week to complete the necessary repairs.  Any volunteer help would be greatly appreciated.  The work schedule is as follows:

There will be work parties on Fri 3 Jul through Sun 5 Jul 09 with Mon 6 Jul as a CYA day.

Start time will be around 0530 to beat the heat.

The mission is to repair the 600 yard firing line.

The plan is:

-Fri 3 Jul - Frame line with lumber, fill and level soil as much as possible

-Sat 4 Jul - Finish fill and level, rake in soil cement, water, tamp, and let cure

-Sun 5 Jul - Spread decomposed granite and finish

Bring landscaping tools (shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc), cordless power tools, and as many garden hoses as you can lay your hands on.

Also bring normal working outside in Tucson in July stuff (water, lunch, sunscreen, hat, gloves, etc, etc)

Everyone will receive a $10 Highpower coupon for each day they work.

I realize the timing could be better but it's due to circumstances beyond our control :-/

When we're done we should have a 600yd line that's as nice as the 200.

Greg Fallon
600 Yard Match Director

TRC Dirt Work to Impact Ranges

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The Arizona Game and Fish Department has loaned a piece of heavy equipment to TRC for the improvement of safety baffles and impact berms. During the month of June, improvements will be taking place on the Action Range, Pistol Silhouette Range and 1000 yard Ranges. Restrictions will placed on the use of these ranges during the month. Call the Range Office on the day that you would like use of one of these ranges to find out if it available.
Thank you.
Bill Orzechowski
Range Improvement Committee Chairman

TRC Range Improvements Progressing


Looks like we'll finish part 1 next week:


The first phase of TRC range construction is scheduled to begin on Monday September 15. This construction will include relocating the firing line of the two General Purpose ranges forward and down from the current firing lines. The construction will include a handicap access ramps to each range. The work on the HPSR will consist of relocating and rebuilding the target setter safety bunkers.
During the construction period, the HPSR, 100 Yard public and the Black Powder Range will be closed one at a time. Starting with #1,then #2, then #3.

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