TRC members chosen for the U.S. Black Powder Cartridge Rifle International Creedmoor team!


Chip Mate of Elgin, Arizona and Zack Taylor of Rio Rico, Arizona, both TUCSON RIFLE CLUB members, made the cut-off as team members during try-outs held in July at the Whittington Center in northern New Mexico.  Chip and Zack will join the sixteen member U.S. team to compete in the prestigious INTERNATIONAL CREEDMOOR Long-Range Rifle Match to be held at the Whittington Center in July, 2010.  The pair competed along with forty others from around the country for two days.  Firing from distances from 800 to 1000 yards they sighted on a paper target with a forty-four inch black bulls eye without benefit of a coach or spotter!  Pit crews scoring were not allowed to spot missed shots.



     All shooters in this competition must use single-shot rifles designed prior to 1900. Cartridges must contain authentic Black Gunpowder and bullets are hand-cast from soft lead alloy without benefit of gas-checks.  Sights must be Vernier type optical open peep-sights with no magnification.  No scoped rifles are allowed.  Competitors can wear a conventional shooting jacket, attach a sling to the rifle and utilize a wrist-rest if desired.  No cross-sticks are permitted.


     Chip is a four-time winner of the Black Powder Mid-Range National Match including the 2009 and was also winner of the Iron-Man national aggregate event.  Zack is retired from U.S. Border Patrol and has competed for many years on various Border Patrol shooting teams.           


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