Washington's Birthday - 2008

The 116th Annual Washington's Birthday High Power Rifle Match will be held at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix on Sunday 17 Feb 08.
It's a 4-shooter 50-shot National Match Course all fired from 200 yards using reduced targets to simulate the 300 and 600yd stages.  Match program is available at www.geocities.com/washbday
TRC usually enters at least three teams but we will field as many teams as we have shooters to fill them.

Team entry fee is $80 ($20 per shooter).  TRC has paid the full entry fees in the past.  I will ask the Board but it may not be possible this year.  Be prepared to pay a share of the entry fee.
If you want to pre-order your souvenir Washington's Birthday T-Shirt ($10) I need to know what size.  You may also order your BBQ lunch ($6).  I'll collect the money later.
The AZ Junior Team M1 Rifle raffle tickets should be available from Tyler Rico ridgeline@comcast.net.  They're $2ea/3 for $5.
Uniform of the day will be a Red TRC Highpower T-Shirt.  A limited supply is still on hand:  $12 for short and $13 for long sleeves.  Not all sizes available.
There are more firing points available this year but I still expect this match to fill up fast.  If you want to be on a TRC team you'll need to get your name, souvenir T-shirt size, and lunch requests in to me ASAP.

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