500 meter and 100 yard sight-in ranges closed through January 21

Game and Fish showed up yesterday at Three Point Rifle Range (unannounced) with men and equipment to finish the work begun last year on the 500 meter Silhouette range's east berm.  On the plus side, this construction will produce a safer environment for our neighbors to the East.  On the downside, their is little time to announce the closure of ranges that are affected.

While work is in progress, the 100 yard sight-in range adjacent to the 500m range will be closed.  Additionally, note that Border Patrol is scheduled to use the Blackpowder range adjacent to the 100 yard site-in range Monday through Friday, 9a.m. - noon.  The bottom line is that open shooting positions on the public ranges will be difficult or impossible to schedule (especially in the mornings) for duration of construction.

Work is estimated to be completed no sooner than Monday, January 21st, but may extend a bit longer depending on progress.  Please call the Rangehouse for current range status (520-822-5189; Cells: 603-7873 or 603-7891) before coming out to Three Points--especially if you are planning on using any of the above ranges from now through next week.


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