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April John C Garand Match


Just a reminder and a heads-up,
Tucson Rifle Club's monthly John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 15 Apr 07.
In order to allow both the Garand Match and Altar Valley Pistoleros to run on the same day, each group has had to adjust their start and finish times.
We will be sending the first round downrange at precisely 0700.
To do this I (and anyone else who can make it that early) will be at the range at 0600 to do set-up. If the range office is closed proceed directly to the pits.
Once set-up is complete squadding will begin on the 200 yard line. ANYONE NOT SQUADDED BY 0645 CANNOT COUNT ON SHOOTING.
Our desired finish time is between 1000-1030.
To do this we will have to run a tight ship. Shooting times will still be by the book. But there won't be any time to waste standing around yakking. Pit changes and target service will need to be done as quickly as possible. When the match is complete we need to vacate the range so the cowboys can start their match. Awards etc, will be done at the clubhouse.

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