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Tucson 600 yard Match - April


As many of you know, numerous safety concerns were outlined in the recent letter from Arizona Game & Fish Division, a copy of which is posted on the Tucson Rifle Club website. Understandably, this has impacted the conduct of our monthly matches. We will attempt to hold an abbreviated 600 yard prone match on Sunday, April 1, 2007, our regularly scheduled date. Please note, however, important changes in the start time and course of fire.

AZ Shooting Ban


BLM Proposes Banning Recreational Shooting on Arizona Public Lands -- Ironwood Forest National Monument

Washington's Birthday Match 2007


Now in its 115th consecutive year the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association’s Washington’s Birthday High Power Rifle Match is the longest running high power rifle match in the country.

The course of fire is teams of four shooters firing the standard 50-shot National Match Course from 200 yards using reduced targets to simulate the 300 and 600 yard stages. Team members are allowed to coach each other or they may have a dedicated team coach.

This year 43 teams totaling 167 shooters filled the firing line at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility on Sunday 18 February 2007. Four of those teams came from Tucson Rifle Club:

Game and Fish Safety Memo to TRC


As requested at yesterday's Board Meeting. Here is the memo from Anthony Chavez (PDF format, 246Kb).

Note that the range specified in the memo as Rifle Silhouette is incorrect. The range in question is the Pistol Silhouette range (as per clarification by Mr. Chavez during last night's meeting).

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