2005 Arizona State Service Rifle Championship results for TRC shooters


The 2005 Arizona State Service Rifle Championships were held at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix on the weekend of 21-23 Jan 05. Shooters from TRC turned in some impressive scores and took home their fair share of the awards.

In Friday’s 600yd Long Range matches Hunter Bachrach took Second Place in the Service Rifle Master class with scores of 187-5X, 193-5X, and 191-6X.

The awards really rolled in during Saturday’s 80-shot championship match:

In the 800-Aggregate:
-Wally Tang was First in the Service Master class with a 776-30X
-Justin Skaret was Second in the Service High Master class with a 778-23X
-Dan Rodriguez placed Fourth in the Service Master class with 761-13X

In the individual stages:
-Hunter Bachrach’s 198-4X took home a First in the Civilian Expert class for 300yd Prone Rapidfire
-Jeff Schneider fired a 178-1X to come away with a First in the in the Civilian Sharpshooter class for 200yd Standing Slowfire
-Rick Smart’s 193-5X and Randy Dwornik’s 191-8X netted them Second and Third in the Civilian 600yd Prone Slowfire
-Pete Wolf’s 186-4X was good for a Third in the Civilian Expert class for 200yd Standing Slowfire
-Kim Wood had a good day with a Second (185-5X) for 300yd Prone Rapidfire, Third (176-1X) in 600yd Prone Slowfire, and Third Overall (703-10X) in the Civilian Marksman class

Dave Johnson, Bill Gibson, and Mark Trombley were also on the line Saturday giving it their best shot but unfortunately placed just out of the money.

In Sunday morning’s Team Match, Rick Smart coached Kim Wood, Pete Wolf, Jeff Schneider, and Hunter Bachrach to a win in the Sharpshooter class with a combined score of 1039-9X out of a possible 1200. The Master class team of Dan Rodriguez, John Kuhns, Tim Hibbs, and Bill Gibson had a few issues but still managed to score a 1091-21X for Third overall.

Later, in that afternoon’s CMP Excellence-In-Competition match Justin Skaret took the Gold Medal with a 490-18X.

But the real highlight of the match was Dan Rodriguez’s 483-9X which was good for a Bronze Medal overall. More importantly, it was the high score among non-distinguished shooters. This earned Dan ten “leg” points; enough to put him over the top and earn him his Distinguished Rifleman Badge. Not bad for someone who only started shooting highpower a little over two years ago! Congratulations Dan!

Mauy Krupp

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