2004 TRC Summary


Our Secretary, Jim Bertrand, read a very nice synopsis of 2004 range goings on at the Annual Membership Meeting. I finally got a hold of it....

TRC activities (condensed) summary for 2004
• Range Improvements -- Large capitol projects were undertaken to enhance range potential and address safety issues. And more are in the offing.
• Added 40 meter auto-reset banks of chickens to Pistol range to support NRA Hunter Pistol needs.
• TRC and affiliated activities held numerous large significant and notable matches including:
2004 State (NRA) Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championships; BorderTown Cowboy Action match (considered to be the State Championships in that discipline.); International High Power Rifle Silhouette Tournament (Sonora del Norte); 29th Anniversary of Handgun Metallic Silhouette – Old Timers Reunion Match; Brawley Wash CAS; regional Police/Fire Fighters Olympics matches; Junior Program with monthly matches.
Southern Arizona Wildlife Callers varmint silhouette/balloon matches; and monthly matches with varieties unmatched in the southern half of Arizona, and perhaps our continental region.
• TRC is affiliated with the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association; the National Rifle Association and the Civilian Marksmanship Program
TRC has added an NRA Small-bore Prone match to the monthly schedule (2nd Sunday’s)
• Installed a new roof on the Alibi Inn.
• Sponsored Junior shooters to attend the NRA Nationals in Raton, NM.
• We sponsor and support numerous Boy Scout Troops who wish to utilize our Range.
• TRC is a center of gravity for the instruction and training of Arizona Game & Fish Department Hunter Safety Education (Southern Arizona Regions) activities.
• Sponsored TRC Rifle Team to attend the Washington’s Birthday Matches at BAR.
• Sponsored (sort of) the U.S. Border Patrol SRT for the summer of camping and training.
• Sponsored tables at several local Friends of the NRA banquets. (Tucson & Santa Cruz Valley)
• Sponsor Special Olympics.
• TRC members (Bower & Bertrand) act as statistics & scoring officers for Flowing Wells High School regional air rifle match.
• TRC supported several BSA Eagle Projects (Walter Novak & Kenny Luiten to name a few)
• Cholla High School Army JROTC is to begin range activities in 2005
• The Executive Board addressed the issues of .50 BMG cartridge usage on the range – In agreement with the Fifty-Caliber Shooters Association (FSCA) we have rules and regulations that allow their use on the 1000-yard range. We are unique on this regard.
• TRC is awarded numerous funding grants. From Game & Fish (matching funds) and NRA range improvement grants (straight funding grant award).
2003 G&F matching funds $10,000 for Roof ($5K from G&F / $5K from us)
2003 G&F matching funds $54,000 for Safety Improvements ($27K from G&F / $27K from us)
2003 NRA $10,000 for Safety Improvements 2004 NRA $25,000 for Safety Improvements

• Our membership level is above 900 members. We have members from Oregon to Virginia.

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