December 26 Tucson 600 Yard Match


The Tucson Rifle Club held a combined Roy Dunlap 100 shot National Match Course and 40 shot 600 yard match on the day after Christmas. Twelve shooters fired "across the course", and an additional ten fired only at 600 yards. Scores for the two 600 yard stages were impressive, with Allen Elliot winning the overall and match rifle category with a 397-22X. High service rifle overall was Hunter Bachrach with a 385-11X. Highest match rifle scores in the individual stages were Greg Fallon's 200-10X and Allen Elliot's 199-8x. Best service rifle stages were fired by Dan Rodriguez, 196-9X, and Wally Tang, 195-8X. Complete 600 yard results are in the attached Excel spreadsheet.

For your advanced planning, our next 600 yard match will be a 60 shot event on Saturday, January 29, 2005.

Allen Elliott   Match Iron    198-14x   199-8x   397-22x
Haven Williams   Match Iron    198-10x   198-9x   396-19x
Greg Fallon   Match Iron    200-10x   190-5x   390-15x
Lee Mckinney   Match Iron    197-7x   192-9x   389-16x
Hunter Bachrach   Service     194-5x   191-6x   385-11x
Dan Rodriguez   Service AR15   196-9x   187-8x   383-17x
Pete Wolf   Service AR15   187-4x   194-9x   381-13x
Randy Dwornik   Service     190-6x   191-4x   381-10x
Wally Tang   Service AR15   182-4x   195-8x   377-12x
Jim Denovchek   Service M1   187-4x   185-6x   372-10x
Mike Frey   Match Iron    178-4x   188-2x   366-6x
Rick Smart   Match Iron    177-4x   187-6x   364-10x
Jeff Schneider   Service     179-3x   181-3x   360-6x
Mark Trombley   Service     169-2x   173-1x   342-3x
Ron Mendez   Service M14   169-2x   172-1x   341-3x
Maury Krupp   Service M1   163-2x   176-2x   339-4x
Kim Wood   Service M14   159-2x   174-1x   333-3x
Bob Pirisky   Service AR15   136-1x   192-5x   328-6x
Howard Huggins Service M1A 158-0x 154-1x 312-1x
Chris Straughn   Service M1   155-3x   149-2x   304-5x
Van Reed Service M1 126-0x 131-0x 257-0x
Darryl Smith   Service M14   128-0x   122-0x   250-0x

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