Minutes TRC BOD Meeting Mar 17, 2004


Well, I missed April's meeting, but got March's minutes. Here they are...

Old Business: (in reverse order due to time constraints on meeting room usage)
· Range Projects Update:
Three of five phases are complete. The bigger ticket item(s) (Berm elevations) were delayed for a later time due to significant cost ($40K).

Finish walking areas of Action range areas and other naked dirt with ‘Chat Sand’
TVCC price is $280 for 21.5 T (end dump truck) and 23 T delivered in transport (belly dump truck). Cost is $2.50/T and is CHEAP.

· Recent costs of improvement ($19K) has drawn down the club exchequer to below $40K in Savings. Propose a ‘big ticket’ moratorium on expenditures greater than $1K.
Moratorium will be in place until the savings gets back up to $60 (comfort level). Motion – Passed.

· Pistol Silhouette Range – Auto target banks at 2 of the NRA 40 M chickens should speed up the matches.

New Business:
· Training class – Trident Concepts Combative Carbine wishes to use Action range for a paid training fee class at TRC on September 1st & 2nd. Anticipate 15 to 20 people who are being charged $350 to attend. What fee should TRC charge for range use? Suggest we charge $250/8hr fee for range use to ‘for profit’ activities.
· Camping fees – Electric costs and bills are rising; suggest we raise camping fees to compensate. Our fee structure is too low to sustain. New fees (effective April 1st, 2004) Dry Camping was $2; is $4. Hookups were $5 and will be $10. With 2 week single spot rule in effect. i.e. after 2 weeks campers must ‘move’ their setup if they wish to remain at TRC.

· Next RIC meeting is scheduled for 1st week in April. Possibly Tuesday the 6th.
One subject of discussion will be the Action Range ‘Long Bay’.

· Propose an October (2nd Weekend) 2004: Pistol Silhouette Reunion Match. Suggested match dates are October 8th (setup & practice); 9 & 10 match days and 11th as possible shoot-off day. If it gets the proper advertising it will be a big match. Perhaps over one hundred entries can be anticipated. We have two pistols donated as prizes so far.
Request this match be placed on the Range Calendar (as it is ‘penciled in’ as of November 2003, at the request of Mike Pachipka).

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