Match Report - Bowling Pins 10/9/2011


What a beautiful day for a match!  And what a change from two months ago.  Including me, there were a total of ten shooters and twenty-five handguns.  For once, .22 is not the most popular class with seven entries, compared to Major caliber pistol with eight.  Minor caliber pistol only had four entries, and Revolver class had five.  I'd planned on bringing my Smith Model 25 Mountain Gun, but discovered last night that I only had 26 loaded rounds.  I was sure I had a box of 100 somewhere, but no.

We got started a little late, about 8:20, and finished right about noon.  No one overall winner this time - Travis Higgins won .22, Cliff Reed won Revolver, John Higgins won Minor Caliber, I won Major, and I beat John for bragging rights in the last match, Major against Minor.  There was some very close competition, a few malfunctions, a bunch of reloads, a couple of ties, and a lot of fun.

The next match is November 13.  Start time will again be about 8:15.  Hope to see you there!


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