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Babes with Bullets is a series of action shooting camps for women, led at gun ranges across the country by world champion shooter Kay Miculek. Miculek started the camps in 2004, and now six years later she and its camp director, Deb Ferns, have hosted dozens of these events with more than 1,500 female alumni to their credit. The 100 percent female teaching staff working with Kay are also national and world champions.  Their techniques in bringing novices who have never touched a gun before to being proficient with a firearm, working from a holster and shooting on the move, all done in three days, is captured in the webisodes now airing at under the heading of SHOWS.


Ferns stated that taping of the camps started in 2006. She said, "This is the best view of camper life at the gun range where the women enjoy a new adventure and receive top caliber firearms training in a low stress situation." Ferns encourages camp alumni and industry friends to visit to view the webisodes with the hope that they will send along the webisode information to their contact lists as well. "There is a variety of training tips for both the novice and advanced shooter available," Ferns stated. Miculek added, "Encourage women you know who either have not had an interest in firearms or have a fear of guns to look at our webisodes. They will see that the emphasis in our camps is to reassure women that shooting is a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding activity for any age." 

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