TRC October Matches vs CMP Western Games & Creedmor Cup RSVP

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TRC's October Garand Match is scheduled for Sunday 18 Oct 09.  That is the same day as the CMP Western Games Garand Excellence-in-Competition Match at Ben Avery in Phoenix.
TRC's October Roy Dunlap Match is scheduled for Saturday 24 Oct 09.  That is the same day as The Creedmoor Cup Match at Ben Avery.
The Western Games and Creedmoor Cup are great, well run, and really fun matches.  There's a free BBQ supper on both 18 and 24 Oct, CMP will be bringing rifles and carbines to look over before sale, and Creedmoor always has a large number of door prizes ranging from Kowa spotting scopes to boxes of bullets.
Most of the usual suspects will be gone to the CMP and Creedmoor matches.
But if you plan to stay at home and want to shoot either of the TRC matches please respond NLT 12 Oct 09.  If there are enough stay-at-home shooters and adults to run the matches, TRC's will go on as scheduled.
PS - Don't forget to send in your entries for our 15 Nov 09 "M1 For Vets" fundraiser match

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