April John C Garand Match

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Just a reminder,
Tucson Rifle Club's monthly John C Garand Match will be held this coming Sunday 19 Apr 09.
Range gate opens around 0630.  If the office isn't open yet you must still sign-in before you leave for the day.
Squadding on the 200 yardline after the pits are setup; first round downrange at 0700.
Match fee is $10 for adults; juniors and military shoot for free.
Ammunition is available for use in the match: $10 for 60 rounds of .30-'06 M2 Ball.
Several privately-owned rifles and carbines are available for loan free of charge.  Club ammo must be purchased and used.  Contact me if you need one.
Reduced targets to simulate the standard National Match Course are available on request.  Ask for them when squadding.
CMP has announced its new 2009 Rapidfire Loading Procedures for the "As Issued" Match.  After standing (standing is optional in all Games Matches under CMP Rule 9.1.9):
-Bolt Action Rifles will load and leave the bolt open.  After the shooter is in position close the bolt to chamber the first round
-Semi-Auto Rifles with detachable magazines will close the bolt on an empty chamber then insert a magazine.  After the shooter is in position manually cycle the bolt to chamber the first round
-M1 Rifles will load two rounds allowing the bolt to override and close on an empty chamber.  After the shooter is in position manually cycle the bolt to chamber the first round
Shooters in the "Any Rifle" match or shooting reduced targets may choose either the CMP procedure described above or the NRA procedure of loading in position after the targets start to move.
See you there,

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