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Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Match Results - July


Master Class
Ron A Calderone 57
Jim Beckley 65 MW

Class AAA
Carl Bower 50
Andres Wirichaga 48
Rene Ortiz 60 1st
Nick Garcia 42

Class AA
Ken C Scoggin 29
Manuel A Sinouhi 33
Tim Faras 47 1st
Jennifer McNeil 44
Rene Menard Jr 42

Class A
Milt Hood 23 1st
Ed Hertfelder 14

Class B
Sage Janesch 23
Steve Janesch 31 1st
Nick Quets 7

Beautiful day, although hot! Congratulations to Jim Beckley of Chandler, Match Winner shooting his Hunter Rifle to beat everyone in all classes!
Match Director Ron, won the exploding pig jackpot after a mean shoot-off with Sierra Vista Match Director , Nick Garcia to take the $22 pot.
Congratulations to Junior shooters Sage Janesch and Jenn McNeil who both won awards at the National Matches last week!

Ron A Calderone, Match Director

John C. Garand Match


John C. Garand Match results for July have been posted. I note with interest that Bill Orzechowski is the match (Garand class) winner - 447-4X, for the third month in a row! Couple years or so ago, Bill did not even own a Garand, now he's a regular and successful competitor. Congrates, Bill.

You can see Bill shooting at the last JC Garand Clinic at http://tucsonrifleclub.org/JC_Garand_Clinic_2004/clinic_1/index.htm.

International Postal Match Results


The results from the 2004 Australian International Postal Match are in. They're posted at:


The course of fire was the 50-shot National Match Course. The original closing date was 31 May 04 (later extended to 30 Jun 04).

A total of 118 shooters from Australia, the US, and the UK participated.

Rifles were classed as S1="As Issued" S2=Service Rifle-Iron S3=Match Rifle-Iron S4= Service Rifle-Optical S5=Any Rifle/Any Sight

First Place went to Tom Albanito from Phoenix with a 490-23X shooting a Match Rifle with iron sights

Second and high score for Service Rifle-Iron was Joseph Turley also from Phoenix with a 480-12X.

Third was our own Dan Rodriguez with a 479-8X.

Filtering out the chaff, here's how TRC did Overall:

3 Dan Rodriguez Tucson USA MA S2 479.08 95.82% (1st Master-SR)

17 Bob Pirisky Tucson USA EX S2 462.09 92.42% (4th Expert-SR)

31 Maury Krupp Tucson USA SS S2 449.08 89.82% (4th Sharpshooter-SR)

36 Randy Dwornik Tucson USA MK S2 440.06 88.01% (5th Marksman-SR)

41 Don Travers Tucson USA MK S2 432.04 86.41% (8th Marksman-SR)

45 Pete Wolf Tucson USA EX S2 422.05 84.41% (8th Expert-SR)

46 Kim Wood Tucson USA MK S2 421.04 84.21% (10th Marksman-SR)

48 Emil Yerhart Tucson USA MK S2 415.01 83.00% (12th Marksman-SR)

--Maury Krupp

Yesterday's Tactical Night Shoot


It started out a fine day for a shoot. CC took the Man on Man warmup stage in a hard fought head to head with Al. Congrats CC.

The second stage (Rattle Battle) began with with 4 of the 6 shooters on the line having rifle failures. 48 rounds in a minute and a half seemed to take its toll. The second line of shooters faired better wrt equipment, but alas, the weather came roaring in with a vengence toward the middle of the 2nd string. Not everyone got to complete the Rattle Battle stage. Scores are posted as follows:

Rattle Battle
(partial, rained out)
Jeff 27
Maury 26
Dan 26
Bill 26
Al 25
Don 14
Ken 14
Kyle 11
John 10
Tim 9
Van 7
Frank 7
Matt 5
Mike 6
CC 5

High score was Jeff at 27 (out of 48). I think we all could use a bit more practice under time stress situations. Surely a 50% hit rate is minimal--even with a 16 round standing string.
Perhaps next month we can redo the Rattle Battle stage, if weather conditions permit. I've got new target stands (stronger for gusting winds) on order. Final upshot was that we cancelled the match and were not able to attempt the Sniper/Spotter stages or the battle field pick up stage (Pot Luck). Sorry guys, we'll attempt to reschedule.


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