600 Yard Practice Match Final Results


Scores from the Tucson Rifle Club 600 Yard Prone match held on January 31, 2004.

Our next match will be on Sunday, February 29, 2004.

Thanks for attending.

Greg Fallon

Justin Skaret Match 200-9x 195-4x 395-12x
Bill Berta Match 200-13x 190-5x 390-18x
Allen Elliott Match 198-13x 191-4x 389-17x
Ron Fuchs Match 193-5x 194-7x 387-12x
Haven Williams Match 191-2x 192-7x 383-9x
Ed Marcelli Match 187-4x 181-4x 368-8x
Pete Wolf Match 182-3x 184-3x 366-6x
Greg Fallon Match 195-6x 167-1x 362-7x
Bob Cockrill Match 184-4x 177-2x 361-6x
Sam Garee Match 176-4x 184-4x 360-8x
James Killian Match 145-0x 160-1x 305-1x
Ike Smith Match ??? ??? ???
Dan Rodriguez Service 193-3x 193-9x 386-12x
Wally Tang Service 185-6x 192-5x 377-11x
Bob Pirisky Service 177-2x 190-3x 367-5x
Steve Merritt Service 183-2x 184-1x 367-3x
Rick Smart Service 185-4x 178-1x 363-5x
Bill Gibson Service 168-1x 180-3x 348-5x
Kim Wood Service 166-0x 160-2x 326-2x
Randy Dwornik Service 175-3x 167-3x 324-6x
Ron Mendez Service 166-0x 166-1x 332-1x
Bud Geymer Service 171-1x 152-0x 232-1x
Maury Krupp Service 160-0x 160-1x 320-1x
Don Travers Service 162-1x 144-1x 306-2x
Emmett Reed Service 137-0x 128-0x 265-0x
Mark Trombley Service 137-2x 122-1x 259-3x

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