John C. Garand Match

John C. Garand Match Program

18300 W. Ajo Highway  Tucson, AZ  85735
(520) 822-5189

As-Issued Military Rifle Match Program

Date of match: 18 Jan, 15 Feb, 15 Mar, 19 Apr, 17 May, 21 Jun, 19 Jul, 16 Aug, 20 Sep, 18 Oct, 15 Nov, 20 Dec 2015

Sponsored by: Tucson Rifle Club, Tucson, AZ. On AZ-86 (Ajo Way) near Mile Post 148

Competition open to: Any individual eligible under current CMP Rules.  Match is limited to the first 45 entries.  All entrants over 18 must bring a notarized Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement or have one on file at TRC prior to the match.  Blank affidavits are available at the TRC Range Office or download from TRC web site

Entry fee: Adults $10.00; Juniors (under 18) and Active Military FREE

Match starts: Winter (Oct-Mar) 0800; Summer (Apr-Sep) 0700.  Set-up and squadding begin 30min prior

Rules & Match Course:  Current CMP Games Rules; As Issued Military Rifle Course B (Table 4).  All firing at 200 yards.  No alibis or refires other than range alibis


-As Issued – Any U.S. or foreign rifle conforming to CMP Games Rule 4.1
-Modern Military – Any U.S. or foreign rifle conforming to CMP Games Rule 4.2
-Reduced – Any centerfire rifle 8mm or less with iron sights.  Fired on reduced targets to simulate the National Match Course (out of competition)
-Optical – Any of the above with optical sights (out of competition)

Reduced and Optical scores will not be reported to CMP

Ammunition: Private – Competitors may use any safe factory or handloaded cartridge.  No Tracer, Armor Piercing, or Incendiary

Awards: All rifles subject to inspection.  One award per shooter.  All awards require a minimum of three competitors

-As Issued Overall Match Winner – $10 coupon
-M1 Garand High Score – $5 coupon
-M1903 High Score – $5 coupon
-Vintage Military High Score – $5 coupon
-Modern Military High Score – $5 coupon
-Reduced High Score – $5 coupon
-Optical High Score – $5 coupon
-All Competitors – A CMP Certificate of Achievement will be mailed to all first-time competitors

General Information:

-New shooters will be paired with an experienced coach; other coaching is authorized
-Competitors are encouraged to share “as issued” rifles and other equipment with new shooters if available and squadding permits
-Participants will pull targets or provide a substitute puller

Match Bulletin:  All Final Match Bulletins are online at:

For more information contact:  Raphael Fimbres (520) 461-2296 or email to