Milt Hood

On March 1st, 2011, Milton Hood—Three Points Public Shooting Range founder, past President, and longtime Tucson Rifle Club member, passed away after a lengthy illness.

Milt was born on June 15, 1927 in Tanbark, Kentucky. He leaves behind 2 sons, Matt and Jim, and a daughter, Marlena.

After serving in the Marines (1945-1948), Milt attended local college and then moved to Tucson in 1951 to complete his degree in Mining Engineering. He received his MBA in 1972.

Front Row (L-R)  "Billy" Stewart;  Msgt. "SK", USMC (coach);  Ben Avery;  & Bob Jensen
Back Row (L-R)  Roy Dunlap;  Dick Thompson;  Taylor "Speed" Bellsmith;  Lou Roninger; Milt Hood;  & Frank Cannon

Milt became a very active member of TRC and after holding several positions was elected as Club President in 1966.  At this point in time, TRC moved from their original Anklam Range site to BLM desert acreage near Three Points.  Under Hood’s leadership, the Three Points Public Shooting Range was built and officially dedicated on April 12, 1969. 

Nominated by Ben Avery in 1969, the National Rifle Association presented Hood its highest tribute, the National Service Award, for Milt's persistence and hard work in building the Three Points Public Shooting Range.  The NRA presented the award to him at its Annual Meeting in New Orleans, April, 1970.

Milt Hood was an excellent shooter, winning many awards over his lifetime.  At the Washington Birthday Match in Phoenix, Arizona, Feb. 1961, Milt’s 4-man team won the High Civilian Team award plus the Governor’s Trophy High Team award.  In the summer of 1962, at the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, TRC’s 4-man team (Milt Hood, David Johnson, Roy Dunlap, and Lloyd Jenkins), set a National Record with a score of 1127-69X for the 240 Shot, National Long Range Course "A" Metallic Sights. 

    Milt Hood and May Warren

In the early days of The Three Points Rifle Range, silhouette shooting was a fast growing and popular shooting sport with matches held here and in Mexico. Indeed, TRC's earliest Club logo reflects the Club's origin in and pivitol support of the new metallic silhouette shooting sport. In September, 1965, Milt Hood traveled to Hermosillo, Mexico, to compete and was the Match Winner—much to the chagrin of our Mexican shooting cousins. 

Milt was also very active with the local Marine Corp League and was presented the Distinguish Service Award on Feb. 26, 1994.

    Tony Coulson, Larry Novak, Milt Hood, Keith Maddern

Milt Hood was a friend to everyone he met and will be very much missed.  The TRC 500 Meter Silhouette Range will soon have a new name—it will be called The Milt Hood Range. Named in honor of Milt Hood, it will serve as a reminder to all of Milt's love of shooting, especially for high power shooting.  On the first Sunday of every March, the TRC High Power Silhouette shooters will dedicate their match in memory of Milt Hood. 

Many people believe that if it wasn’t for Milt Hood’s hard work to establish our range, we wouldn’t have a range today.

                              Larry Novak and Milt Hood