TRC Smallbore Prone Match Program

Smallbore Prone Match Program

Location: Tucson Rifle Club, Three Points, AZ (.22 silhouette range)

Time: Arrive, register and target set-up at 7:30 AM. Start shooting at 8:30 AM

Entry fee: $6 to cover TRC range fee and targets & supplies. No awards provided.

Classification: This will not be an NRA registered event. Scores will not be sent to the NRA for classification.

Rules: NRA smallbore rifle rules will apply.

Safety: Open bolt indicators (OBI) (chamber flags) are required by Tucson Rifle Club. Bring your own or purchase one ($2) at the range. Eye and ear protection is also required.

Rifles: .22 rimfire only. Any style of action is allowed but must be loaded and fired one round at a time. Firing will be from the prone position only. Slings are required. A few club-owned rifles may be available for loan on the day of the match.

Sights: Either scope or metallic sights are allowed. 10 to 20 power is recommended for scopes. Rear metallic sights should be micrometer adjustable with aperture (peep). Front sights can be either aperture or post. NOTE: There is an approximate 6 minute elevation change going from 50 to 100 yards. Make sure your sight system can accomplish this reliably.

Ammunition: .22 long rifle only. Standard velocity is more accurate than Hi Speed. Some rifles do OK with standard grade ammo, but most group better with match grade. 80 shots required for record, plus unlimited sighting shots. Bring 100 minimum.

Targets: At 50 yards: NRA A-23/5. 5 bulls. Unlimited sighters in upper bull. 5 rounds for record in each of the 4 lower bulls. 20 minute time limit.

At 100 yards: NRA A-25. 3 bulls. Unlimited sighters in the upper bull. 10 rounds for record in each of the 2 lower bulls. 20 minute time limit.

NOTE: Each shooter is required to bring a minimum of 6 spring clips to attach targets to the wooden frame. Staples will not be used! Suggested sizes are: Boston #3 or #4, Acco Medium or Large.

Course of Fire: 40 shots at 50 yards and 40 shots at 100 yards. Competitors will hang one target, fire 20 shots for record, then change targets and fire the other 20 record shots to complete one match. When all firing is done at one distance the target frames are moved to the other distance and repeat the firing procedure. Adequate break time will be provided between matches.

Scoring: Competitors will score each other’s targets as directed by the Range Officer.

Additional equipment suggested:

Spotting scope. 15 power minimum. (Binoculars unsuitable.)

Shooting jacket.

Sling, leather or web.

Glove or mitt to protect the hand from the sling.

Ground mat or rug. The firing line is concrete! A few rugs are available at the range (cleanliness not assured)

Block to hold ammunition. Helps you keep track of how many shots you’ve fired.

Pencil or pen for identifying your targets and scoring targets.

For more information contact: Greg Fallon (520) 575-0262 or e-mail to .